I cannot participate in Circuit group calls

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When I try to join a Circuit group call, the attempt fails after about five seconds.

This behavior was observed when the following conditions are true:

  1. Your computer is on a corporate network that does not allow UDP traffic to be exchanged with the Internet.

  2. Circuit web client is used with Chrome and IPv6 is enabled.
  3. Circuit web client is used with Internet Explorer and proxy settings are set to auto-detect.

At this time, the only alternative option to resolve the problem is to:

  • enable NAT routing of UDP traffic (at least selectively) between corporate network and Internet


  • in case of Internet Explorer usage, please set proxy manually instead of auto-detect.

We are working with Google on the IPv6 issue and fixing the problem in Internet Explorer plug-in for proxy. We expect a correction in an upcoming Chrome and IE plug-in release, but there is no a committed date for this yet.


The UDP addresses that must be reachable from the corporate network are:

These are the addresses of the Circuit TURN servers.

For details, please refer to the Circuit Design Assessment document.

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