I tried to make a call, but I cannot hear the called party (Web client)

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  • If you are participating in a Circuit conversation and you cannot hear anything, then the problem is likely caused by the sound device itself or the Windows settings.

  1. Check that the speakers or headset are plugged in correctly. If you cannot hear any of the system sounds, that would indicate the speakers.
  2. If you can hear system sounds, but not any sounds from Circuit, please check the Windows sound mixer, by clicking the speaker icon in the system tray and selecting Mixer.
  3. Ensure that Chrome is not muted.
  4. If you can hear system sounds including the beeps from Circuit notifications, but not the voice from conversations, please contact the Circuit User Help Desk.
  5. To check the sound settings, refer to How do I configure my audio devices for best results? and to How do I allow Circuit to use my microphone and camera on Chrome?
  6. To check the sound support in Circuit, refer to Testing my camera and microphone.

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