Starting a scheduled conference

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Any participant of a given conversation can start a conference.

To start a conference at the scheduled date and time:
  • select a conversation from the conversation selector list and click or tap to start a voice conference or to start a video conference.

  • Open an email invitation containing conference details and choose one of the following:

  1. Click or tap the conference link (URL) for joining online.

    If you are the first participant who joined the conference and no others have joined yet, the message "The conference is now available for all participants to join" will be displayed until the next participant joins.


    Guests joining via URL cannot start the conference. They will be connected, but if the conference has not yet been started by any of the participants, they will see the message "Please wait for the conference to start". Guests will remain at this state for 4 minutes, waiting for the conference to start. After that, the message will change to "Timed out waiting for the conference to start".

  2. Dial one of the PSTN numbers followed by the conference PIN.

    Participants and guests can start a conference by dialing one of the provided PSTN numbers, only if a corresponding Circuit conversation is not moderated.

Your microphone is automatically muted by default, unless otherwise configured by the administrator of the domain that the conference belongs to. You need to unmute your microphone when you want to talk.

Other useful things you can do while in a conference:

  • Join, rejoin or leave the conference
  • Invite someone to join the conference
  • Mute or unmute the microphone

Non dial-in users can do, also, the following:

  • Share their screen via the web client or Desktop App
  • View screen shares
  • Turn their video on or off
  • Turn incoming video on or off
  • Turn speaker on or off on the mobile client
  • Record audio, video, screen sharing
  • Write a text message, share files and images
  • Mute all participants via any client other than the Android mobile client
  • Accept other incoming conference participation requests

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