Making a voice call

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While you are in a direct, group conversations or Conference Bridge, you can make a voice call, video call or screen share call to other participants at any time. When you start a video call or a screen share call, Circuit automatically launches a voice call (with additional video or screen sharing functionality).

  1. Search for a person’s name, conversation title, text message, participant or filename.
    1. In the Search field, enter the first letters of the name or item you are looking for, and select a result from the selector list. The more letters you type, the more accurate the search result will be. On the web client, iOS mobile client and Desktop App you can use the Filter by categories to narrow and refine your search. You can filter by: All, Conversations, Sent by, People, Members, and Files.


    2. Select an existing conversation from the list in the conversation selector (pane on the left).
  2. Click or tap .

    The screen changes, displaying the outgoing call status both in the conversation header and in the conversation selector. A call bar appears at the bottom of the conversation header, and you’ll hear ringing until the person answers.

    On the web client and Desktop App, if you cannot hear the other person or they don’t hear you, make sure that your browser’s media settings are configured to allow Circuit to access your camera and microphone, as described in Testing my camera and microphone

  3. When the called person answers, the screen changes again, displaying the ongoing active call.

    If you click on an another conversation or on a different selector and collapse the conversation selector while you are on an active call then the basic call control buttons will be displayed on top of the Circuit application. From there you can see the duration of the call, mute or umute your microphone and end the call.

  4. To end the call, click or tap .

Other useful things you can do while on a voice call

  • Start a conference
  • Join, rejoin or leave a conference
  • Invite someone to join a conversation or a conference
  • Add video or screen share to the conversation
  • Mute or unmute the microphone
  • Write a text message, share files and images
  • Put a call on hold
  • Resume a held call
  • Pull an incoming call to the device you are using

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