Joining a group voice or video call

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You can join an active group voice or video call or rejoin a call you left earlier. When a call comes in while you are engaged in another call, the Incoming Call alert appears on top of the active call in the conversation selector, and you will hear a ringtone. Depending on the type of call, different alerts may be displayed.

  1. In the conversation selector:
    1. Click or tap to answer as a voice call or to answer as a video call.


    2. Select the incoming call alert. In the conversation header click or tap or .

    The Call Stage displays all call members, each with their current status. Your microphone is automatically muted by default, unless otherwise configured by the administrator of the domain that the conference belongs to. You need to unmute your microphone when you want to talk.

  2. To end the call, click or tap or Leave, respectively.

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