Starting a poll during a conference

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You can start a poll during a conference, so as to get the opinion of the participants on a specific topic.


You have to enable Conference poll feature in Circuit Labs.

You cannot add a poll in a direct conversation.

  1. Start or join a conference from your web client or Desktop App.
  2. Click the Add to conference icon on the call action bar and then select Add poll.
  3. Enter your question in the Question field on the pop up window.
  4. Add options for the poll in the Option filed. To add more options click on Add option.
  5. If you want the results of the poll to be visible before the poll is completed then select the Show results before poll ends checkbox.
  6. Click Start poll to initiate the poll.
  7. You may pause the poll at any time during the conference by switching the Poll open slider to OFF (grey).
  8. To end the poll click Stop poll. Once you select to stop the poll you have the following options:
    1. You may select if the poll results will be shared in png format on the call summary by selecting the Add to meeting summary checkbox.
    2. You may export the poll results by clicking Export. The poll results will be automatically saved on your device in csv and png format.

Conference participants can start multiple polls during the conference but the polls cannot be displayed at the same time. Once the first poll is completed the next one will be displayed.

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