Adding a user to an ongoing Circuit call

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In Circuit, when a direct call is established between two users, you can add other people to the call without creating a new group conversation. The new people are not part of the conversation but just of the specific call.


Both participants have to enable Upgrade direct calls to conferences feature in Circuit Labs to be able to add other participants to the call.

Select the direct call to which you want to add someone and establish the call.

On the web client and Desktop App, to add a participant to an ongoing call without permanently adding them to the conversation:
  1. Start a direct call
  2. Click icon on the call action bar and then select Add people.
  3. Enter the name or phone number of the person you want to add to the call into the Search box.

    As you type in, a list of suggested names is displayed to select from.

  4. To finish adding the person to the call:

    On the web client and Desktop App, click Start.

Once the call is answered, the person's avatar is displayed on the call stage. Next to the avatar an orange icon is displayed to indicate that the specific person is a guest to the call.

Once the call is ended, the conversation’s window is no more shown to the guest’ s screen.

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