Joining an event

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Circuit users may invite you to join an event, so that you can participate in a voice, or screen sharing session. It is enough just to click on the link in the invitation mail and join the event at the specified time.

  • Events must be enabled for your Circuit domain.

  • In order to join an event from your iOS or Android device, you must install first the respective mobile clients.

  1. To join an event, open the email invitation, containing the conference details and:
    • On the web client and Desktop App, click the event link (URL) provided in the email.

      In case your default browser is not supported, you have to copy and paste the event link (URL) into one of the supported browsers.

    • On the iOS and Android mobile client, tap the event link (URL) provided in the email.

  2. In case you are logged into Circuit and you are also a moderator of the event, the link (URL) will take you directly to that event.
  3. In case you are not logged into Circuit or you are not a moderator of the event you want to join, you will be asked to join as a guest.

    Enter your first and last name and accept the Data Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy in order to join an event as a guest.


    You are able to join as a guest an event that runs in test mode only when the number of guests who are already attending is less than 10.

    As a guest you are muted during the event but you can use the Ask a question feature to send questions to the moderators of the event, by clicking or tapping the Ask a question button. You can type the question on the popover window and send it to the moderators.There is also the option to send the question anonymously, by marking the box next to Ask anonymously.

    Moderators check the questions and have the option to bring guests who asked a question. A popover will be displayed on your screen with the message You are invited on stage. You can accept or decline the invitation on stage. If you accept the invitation, your microphone is automatically unmuted, and you can speak on the event. At any time you can click or tap Leave stage.

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