How can I get Siri to correctly recognize and pronounce a Circuit contact name?

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When using Circuit with Siri, Siri does not always correctly recognize and pronounce the name of the person you are trying to call or send a message to via Circuit.

To help Siri understand a "difficult" Circuit contact name, proceed as follows:

  1. Add the Circuit contact name to the native Contacts app on your iOS device.
  2. Add new fields to this contact entry for phonetic first name and / or phonetic last name.
  3. Enter the phonetic pronunciation of the contact name in their respective fields.

For example, you can create an iOS contact entry for Dzmitry Stasheuski with the following phonetic fields: Di Mee Tree, Stah Shu Skee. Then, when you say to Siri Call Dzmitry Stasheuski using Circuit, Siri recognises the name and starts calling the person using the Circuit App.

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