Make a call using Mobile Breakout

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Mobile Breakout allows users to make voice calls from the Circuit web client directly through their mobile devices. This is useful for users who do not have a desk phone and use only a mobile device for telephony calls.

  • The Circuit user must have the Enterprise license package.

  • The mobile device must have the Circuit app installed and running and be able to make GSM calls.

  • The user has to sign in on both web client and mobile app.

You can make calls from Circuit using Mobile Breakout by:
  1. Clicking on the Phone number in any users profile.
  2. Clicking on the Dial-in Numbers in Conference details of any group conversation, if you do not want to join from the Circuit client.
  3. Searching for contacts in your exchange contacts, if you have configured the Exchange connector.
  4. Clicking on the number in an Outlook Contact Card, if you have Circuit for Outlook installed.

Mobile Breakout is only available, if no telephony connector is configured. If a telephony connector is configured for the user, then the call is completed through the telephony connector.

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