Previewing a PDF attachment in a message (web client, Desktop App)

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When a pdf file is attached to a conversation, a preview of the attachment is displayed on the screen. You have the option to preview the attached pdf file without downloading it.

On the web client and Desktop App, hover over the attached pdf file and click . The file is shown on your screen and you have the following options:
  • Scroll in the document to read it.

  • Click at the top left side of the screen or  at the top right of the screen to exit pdf view and return to the conversation view.

  • Select the left or right arrow at the top of the page to move between the document’s pages.

    Alternatively, you can write the number of the page and press enter to navigate to the specific page.

  • Click  at the top of the screen and type the word or words that you want to search in the search box.

    • Press enter.

    • You can see the number of the words that matches the search item at the top of your screen. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the results.

      Successful search results are highlighted so that you can easily navigate through the document.

  • Click  at the top right side of the screen to download the pdf document locally at your computer.

  • Click  at the top right side of the page to view the file in full screen.

    Press Esc to exit full screen and return to the previous pdf view.

  • Click  to zoom in.

    Each time you click the zoom in button, the screen will increase until it reaches the maximum zoom level.

  • Click  to zoom out.

    Each time you click the zoom out button, the screen will decrease until it reaches the original zoom level.

  • Navigate to the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. You can choose one of the following:
    • Rotate clockwise

    • Rotate counterclockwise

    • Text selection tool

    • Hand tool

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