Searching for people with a certain tag in their profile

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You can search for people with a certain profile tag in two ways.

  • Your Circuit domain administrator has to enable Profile tags for your domain.
  • You have to enable the Profile tags feature in Circuit Labs.
  1. Search for people with a certain tag via the global Search box:
    1. Enter all or part of a profile tag into the Search box.

      As you type in, a list of suggested search scope options appears below the search input field.

    2. Refine your search by selecting the People scope option.
  2. Search for people with a certain tag from a user's profile view:
    1. Click on the name or avatar of a person with the profile tag you are interested in. If the tag you are interested in appears also on your profile, you can alternatively click on your user name in the upper-right corner of Circuit, and then click My profile.
    2. Click on a profile tag.

      The global Search box is automatically filled in with the value: People: <tag name> and a search by tag is performed.

The selector pane is updated to show all people with the certain tag appearing in their profile. Select the person you would like to view.

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