Features of Unify vs 3rd party SIP phones supported with OpenScape Cloud

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The following table compares the features of Unify SIP phones and 3rd party SIP devices supported with OpenScape Cloud.

Category Feature Unify SIP Phones Generic 3rd party SIP devices
Call processing and CTI Accept, reject, dial, mute/unmute, hold/ retrieve, blind transfer, consult and warm transfer, merge/conference, alternate (alternate usually not supported)
Direct media with Circuit participants (better call quality, lower network bandwidth usage) between phones - ATC softphone users and optional local trunk OS SBC - ATC CP phone series -
HD audio support (G722, OPUS) (G722, OPUS)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) auto-answer some
Integrations and Directories Outlook/Exchange as address book and for caller identification CP600, CP600E & CP400 (user configuration in device) some
Phone's list of contacts can be downloaded from Exchange CP600, CP600E & CP400 some
LDAP directory as address book for initiating calls and for caller identification some
Can use LDAP to look up contact details for calls CP600, CP600E and CP400  
Allow LDAP searches and import of matched contacts to the phone some
Integrated phone book with caller identification some
Phone book integrated with conversation concept adding new contacts for new calls CP600, CP600E and CP400 -
Deployment Integrated deployment process keeping device up-to-date with initial and ongoing firmware, certificate and configuration download and updates from OpenScape Cloud -
User can deploy their phone by just entering 2 unique secure PINs -
Administrator or partner administrator can deploy a phone by just entering 2 unique secure PINs -
Administrator or partner administrator can deploy a phone by entering SIP credentials and certificates. OpenScape Cloud can be setup in self-service - SIP credentials are displayed and certificates can be downloaded To be used only for Cordless IP
Key set labelled remotely from OpenScape Cloud CP100, CP600, CP600E and optional KM600 key module for KM600 or KM600E -
Support of teams Pickup group support (alert, display and menu button to pickup a call)

(with support for consult or transfer in case a call was picked while another was active and is put held)


(no notification of a call to pickup, despite that a pickup can be obtained dialing a feature access code)

Hunt group support with a button to see status and toggle availability/unavailability, indication with incoming call, journal support


(No status button - only option to switch available / unavailabled via features access code dialed. Depending on device, hunted calls might be visible as redirected ones.)

Executive Assistant (E/A) teams CP600, CP600E. KM600 Key module recommended. KM600 required for teams with more than 1 executive -
Busy Lamp Field (BLF), including option to be used as Attendant Console CP600, CP600E with KM600 - planned for Q1/2020 -
Special Device Features, Devices and Services Conference phones -
T.38 fax support, pager, doorbell connections or other analog devices (modems not recommended) -

(via Terminal Adapter; T.38 need to be supported by used SSP)

Mobile handset support Cordless IP with several handsets and seamless handover of active calls when moving between bases

(via Terminal Adapter or WLAN phone)

Other Encryption of signalling and media traffic (TLS, SRTP) (must be given to connect to OpenScape Cloud)
Energy efficiency qualified (Blue Angel and Energy Star) CP phone series Some are Energy Star qualified
Support for Bluetooth connections to phones to allow Bluetooth calls to be answered on the phone (or pushed back to the BT mobile). Additionally support for proximity detection for phone locking, as well as import of contact details via vCard CP600 rare
Use of NFC tags to facilitate Bluetooth pairing CP600/400 rare
Support Support scope and level Full support as tested solution elements. Frequent regression test ensure compatibility. Unify performs only a one-time validation with the 3rd party devices and their firmware listed in our FAQ pages
Supported by (Pure) Device issues are supported over established partner and Unify support processes. OpenScape Cloud support helps with OpenScape Cloud deployment and features. Support needs to be provided by the device supplier. Only generic SIP setup and functions are provided by OpenScape Cloud and are supported by our team.

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