How to add or edit an Automated Attendant

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Automated attendant can answer incoming call for a site and upon request transfer the call to users of that site.

To add or edit an automated attendant perform the following steps:

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name in the upper right corner and, then, click Administration.

    If you are administrating the domain on behalf of a customer, click Partner administration instead of Administration, and select the domain you want to administer.

  2. Click the Cloud telephony tab.
  3. Navigate to Site settings > Auto attendants.

    All automated attendants configured in the domain are listed.

  4. Click on Add automated attendant or select one from the list.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the automated attendant in the Automated attendant name field.
  6. Click Select next to Site field to select the site that you want to assign the automated attendant.
  7. Click Select next to Automated attendant number field to select an available phone number form the list. Once you select phone number click on OK.
  8. Select a language for the automated attendant in the Language field.

    The default language is English.

  9. Enter a phone number next to Operator number field.

    The phone number can be an international number or a number of a user that belongs to the same site. This field is optional.

    By entering a value in this field, once a call is established, the caller will have the option to reach a human operator by pressing zero. An operator can assist a caller who is not aware of the extension they want to reach.

  10. Select the length of the extension next to Extension length field.

    If you leave the default value, which is Variable, then the automated attendant will inform the caller that they have to press # after entering the extension number.

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