How to add or edit a pickup group

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Pickup groups allow people within the same group to answer each other calls. If a member is busy or does not accept an incoming call, the rest of the pickup group members will get a notification for the call.

Calls are initiated to the work number of each member of the pickup group. When a phone call is ringing to a member in the group, the other members of the group are visually alerted on your Circuit client and desk phone. The originally called member has some time to accept the call, until the rest of the members get a visual notification.

Domain administrators can configure hunt groups on OpenScape Cloud in self-service, as described below. For further guidance, watch our YouTube configuration video.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name in the upper right corner and, then, click Administration.

    If you are administrating the domain on behalf of a customer, click Partner administration instead of Administration, and select the domain you want to administer.

  2. Click the Cloud telephony tab.
  3. Navigate to Call groups > Pickup groups.

    All pickup groups configured in the domain are listed.

  4. Click Add pick group or select a pickup group from the list.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the pickup group in the Pickup group name field.
  6. Click next to Notification delay timer, to select how many seconds the call will be ringing until the rest of the pickup group members will be notified.

    If the originally called member of the pickup group has enabled the voicemail and the ringing duration is less than the Notification delay timer, then the call will be redirected to voicemail and the rest of the pickup group members will not get a notification.

  7. To add a new member to the group, click Add member, select a user from the list of cloud telephony users displayed, and click OK. The new member is added to the bottom of the list. The name and the assigned phone number of the member are displayed on the list.

    To delete a member from the pickup group, hover over the member and click Delete to the right.

  8. Click Save.

    The option to save the pickup group configuration is enabled once you fill-in the required fields (highlighted with a red asterisk).

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