Assigning a desk phone to a user

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As an administrator, you can set whether a user in your domain has a desk phone that can be used with OpenScape Cloud.

You can assign a phone number and a desk phone to a user at the same time, as described in: Assigning a phone number to a user.

You can also assign a desk phone to a user who has been assigned a phone number before, as described below. For further guidance, watch our YouTube video.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Select the user that you want to assign a desk phone to.
  4. Locate the Cloud telephony section.
  5. From the Desk phone drop-down list, select whether a Unify phone or a Third party phone shall be assigned to the user.
  6. Click Save.

The user is now assigned a desk phone. A new Desk phone settings section will appear, displaying the settings to apply to the phone so that it can be used with OpenScape Cloud.

For Unify phones, the settings include the Deployment PIN and Security PIN. The deployment Status of the phone is also displayed; this can be either Deployed or Not deployed.

For Third party phones, the settings include:

  • SIP server address

  • SIP server port

  • Transport protocol

  • User ID. This is usually identical to the phone number assigned to the user who will be using the phone, excluding the plus sign "+".

  • User-specific Password for SIP digest authentication.

  • Certificate for establishing a secure TLS connection to OpenScape Cloud.

These settings, despite they are displayed under “Desk phone”, can be used to configure other third party SIP devices as well, like Terminal Adapters to connect e.g. a fax device.

If you have assigned a Unify phone to the user, the user will be also able to view these settings by navigating to Settings > Telephony on their Circuit client.

You can now proceed to configure the phone for OpenScape Cloud. Unify phones would be also configured by the users themselves. For detailed configuration instructions, please visit the following article and click on any phone in the list: What SIP phones can I use with OpenScape Cloud?

If you want to unassign the desk phone from the user:

  1. From the Desk phone drop-down list, select None.

  2. Click Save.

The user’s desk phone will be unregistered from OpenScape Cloud and any existing connection of the device to OpenScape Cloud / Circuit will be disabled.

The user will be no longer able to make and receive calls through their desk phone. However, they will be still able to make and receive phone calls on their assigned phone number through Circuit.

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