How to set up OpenScape Cloud

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Setting up OpenScape Cloud for a Circuit domain, requires your Circuit domain to provide the necessary configuration data. This should cover the following:

  • Internet Telephony Service Providers that support SIP

    To allow OpenScape Cloud users to reach and be reachable from the public telephone network, a connection to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSPs) must be established

    Domain administrators need to exchange a few information with the provider that is necessary to setup the connection. Once the necessary information is obtained, OpenScape Cloud can be configured either by domain administrators in self-service via Circuit - for a supported ITSP - or by our Shared Service Centre (SSC) upon request. The ITSP must also configure their side for the connection to be established.

    To learn more about the information to be exchanged with the provider, and how to configure the connection on OpenScape Cloud side in self-service via Circuit, please refer to: "Adding or editing an Internet Telephony Service Provider in self-service".

    To see the complete list of ITSPs certified for OpenScape, please refer to "Which Internet Telephony Service Providers does OpenScape Cloud support?".

  • Sites served by OpenScape Cloud

    OpenScape Cloud can address the voice and social collaboration needs of organizations with single or multiple sites.

    Each site has unique public and/or private phone numbers that when assigned to users, the users become members of the site.

    Domain administrators can define in self-service via Circuit the numbers of a site and the way site users can dial each other, users in other sites or users in the public network, as described in: Adding a new site.

  • OpenScape Cloud users

    Following the configuration of ITSPs and sites for your domain, domain administrators can assign phone numbers to their Circuit domain users as described in: Assigning a phone number to a user. This will make that users members of a site.


With OpenScape Cloud, Circuit is turned into a softphone allowing you to call anyone connected to the traditional global telephony network. For users who want have a traditional phone experience, desk phones can be registered and used with OpenScape Cloud. For a complete list of supported phones, please refer to "What SIP phones can I use with OpenScape Cloud?".

OpenScape Cloud can be entirely configured via Circuit in self-service. Once configuration data is submitted, provisioning is automatic.

Configuration data would be also collected in Excel file obtained from the Sales Representative responsible for you. Provisioning will be then performed upon return of the filled-in spreadsheets by our Shared Service Centre (SSC) using semi-automated tools.

Once OpenScape Cloud is configured, you can update its configuration via Circuit or you can request any changes by submitting a service request in a Circuit a conversation. You can download the Service Request from Circuit Portal or obtained it from Circuit User Help Desk.

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