Reporting an issue related to Circuit Meeting Room

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If you encountered any problems with Circuit Meeting Room, please report it by sending your log files.

  • You have administration rights on the Circuit Meeting Room Administration Dashboard (or simply Dashboard).

  • You are signed in to Circuit.

To collect and send the Circuit Meeting Room log files, perform the following steps.

  1. Access the Circuit Meeting Room Administration Dashboard from a computer, smartphone or tablet that is located in the same network as the Circuit Meeting Room:
    • Open a web browser and enter therein https://<ip-address>, where <ip-address> is the IP address assigned to your Circuit Meeting Room.

    • In case the display connected to the Circuit Meeting Room shows the starting page of the Dashboard, you see a QR code therein. Scan this code with your Smartphone or Tablet to invoke the Dashboard without manually entering its address (URL).

  2. Log on to the Dashboard:
    1. On the upper right side of the screen, enter your password in the Password field.
    2. Click Login.
  3. Download the Circuit Meeting Room logs:
    1. Go to the Maintenance tab.
    2. Click Download next to System Logs.

    System logs are downloaded to your local computer (or smartphone or tablet) to the default download location.

  4. Go to your Circuit client and report the issue:
    • On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name and then click Report Issue.

    • On the iOS mobile client, tap and then tap Settings > Report issue.

    • On the Android mobile client, go to the top-left side navigation drawer and tap Report issue.

    A new conversation with a support representative will be created and the diagnostic log files from the Circuit client will be automatically attached to that conversation.

  5. Attach the Circuit Meeting Room logs you have downloaded, provide a short description of your issue and then click or tap Send.

    When describing the issue, please indicate:

    1. The approximate time the problem happened

    2. How often it occurs

    3. What you were doing when the issue occurred

    4. Attach any screenshots that might help troubleshoot the issue.

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