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The new Circuit Headset Integration provides Call Control functionality with the following Logitech devices:


You can not use Logitech call control in two applications simultaneously. For example, if you connect the same Logitech device in Circuit and in Skype for Business or in Circuit web client and Desktop App, the call will drop unexpectedly.

Product Web Client via USB Web Client - Call Control Support Mobile Client / Connectivity Type Mobile Client - Call Control Support
Logitech Zone Wireless yes yes yes/ BT no
Logitech Zone Wired yes yes no no
Logitech H650E Mono/Stereo yes yes no no
Logitech H820E Mono/Dual yes yes no no
Logitech H570E Mono/Stereo yes yes no no


For more information about the setup of the Logitech headset integration, refer to the following topic:

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