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Tags provide a way to organize and group related Spaces or messages together and to let people know what a Space or message is about. Tags make it also easier for people to find the Spaces and messages they are interested in.

Space tagging

Space moderators can easily add one or more tags to a Space when they create it or at a later point in time. They can also remove tags from a Space if they are no longer relevant to that Space.

Message tagging

All Space participants can easily add and remove tags to their topics while they are typing in their message (in the form of hashtags, i.e. #Circuit) or at any point of time via the tags section below a topic.

They can also add and remove tags from their replies in the form of hashtags.

Space participants can also add and remove tags from topics posted by others via the tags section below a topic. Whenever someone adds or removes a tag from another person’s topic, the topic author will be notified via the Notification panel.

Searching by tag

Everyone viewing the Space will be able to see the tags added to it and to Space messages. They can also search for Spaces and messages with a certain tag.

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