Circuit makes your Teamwork better

Give team collaboration a boost with HD video, voice, screen share, messaging and file sharing in one easy-to-use tool.

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Having everything in one place - such as voice, video, and social collaboration - helps us convert impromptu into creative value.

Ray Moya, Chief Operating Officer

Circuit makes team communication insightful

Circuit's intelligent search connects content to context in ways that make sense. Find people and information quickly.

You’re more responsive.
Your business works smarter.

Value Brief

Circuit Collaboration Software: Laptop

Circuit makes moving seamless

Wherever you go, Circuit makes mobile collaboration easy. Move calls. Access files when you want and how you want. Connect from your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Circuit makes virtual collaboration engaging

Circuit’s vibrant HD video and voice let you collaborate as naturally when you are apart - as when you are together.

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Circuit makes sharing easy

Online collaboration keeps everyone on the same page. Whether you’ve shared text, images or important documents, Circuit keeps it all together in one place.

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Circuit: Team collaboration via laptop, tablet, smartphone

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